Meandering through rolling farmland, along winding waters and past rocky ledges and lush banks, spring comes alive on the South Fork of the Shenandoah River in Page Valley.

Renowned as one of Virginia’s most beautiful and historic rivers and ranked as a top smallmouth bass destination in the eastern United States, the Shenandoah flows for 55 miles in Page Valley, Virginia — making it a spring dream for fishing and boating.

C.T. Campbell, Page Valley Fly Fishing

“One of the things that stands out is the simplicity of it,” says C.T. Campbell of Page Valley Fly Fishing Services. “There are just so many opportunities [for outdoor recreation] — at a different pace than a lot of things are today.

“It’s that slower pace of things that, to me, is special.”

Page Valley Fly Fishing

Did you know?

The Shenandoah River is considered unique because it flows north — like the Nile in Egypt. Two forks of the Shenandoah flow northeast from either side of the Massanutten Mountain to the Potomac River. The North Fork flows on the northwest side of the Massanutten, while the South Fork flows between the Massanutten and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

With more than 35 years of fly-fishing experience and 15 years as a fly fishing instructor, Campbell counts afternoons along the storied South Fork as an opportunity to “take in the mountains and the trees” in any season — especially spring.

Featuring very few rapids, the “lazy” river offers opportunities for anglers throughout the year, with peak smallmouth bass fishing occurring from April through September. Prime carp fishing also begins in spring, as water temperatures reach the 50s.

Page Valley Fly Fishing

“I’ve been guiding the Shenandoah for over 25 years; I learned so much from my clients,” says Campbell. “They really enjoy the opportunity to be out with nature on a beautiful river like this with a fishing rod … I don’t think I could ever find myself getting tired of it, getting bored with it.”

South Fork of the Shenandoah River

Whether someone is a first-time fly fisher or an experienced angler, Campbell says there’s something for everyone out on the water in Page Valley — from the art of angling to panoramic views, time in solitude and the beauty of any season.

There’s no other place he’d rather be, he says.

“It would be impossible for me to see myself as a guide anywhere else than in the Shenandoah Valley.”

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