Page Valley ARPA Photo Campaign

While design, text and overall content remain important elements of effective advertising and marketing campaigns, nothing attracts attention more quickly than imagery. High-quality photography and videography encourage engagement and enhance a product’s or service’s appeal. With this in mind the Page Valley team is launching a campaign for high-quality professional lodging photography. Funded with the ARPA grant through Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC) the Page County Economic Development and Tourism Office is offering the following for lodging owners:

Page Valley will cover the cost of exterior photos for the first 400 cabins/short-term rentals

Exterior photos: Free

 *This is first come, first serve.

Our professional photographers and videographers have offered the following add-on packages. Lodging owners wishing to receive these services will still receive their exterior photos covered by the Page Valley team.

Aerial photos: $65 

Full set of Interior + additional exterior photos: $130

Interior/exterior photos + aerial photos: $180

Video information upon request

Photo Submission Information

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